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Y/C/N rolls over to your side of the bed, wrapping his arms around your waist. It was 6:00 in the morning, and your alarm had just gone off for you to get ready for school. You rubbed your eyes and ever so slightly, lifted Y/C/N’s arms off your body. He mumbled and slowly opened his eyes, letting them close again straight after. You gave him a kiss on the cheek before making your way to the bathroom to put your makeup on. You completely naked, but it’s nothing Y/C/N hasn’t seen before. You were just starting on your skin when Y/C/N walked in. He slowly pulled the hair away from your face and kissed your neck, making goose pimples appear all over your skin.
‘I like your pyjamas’ he whispered. You laughed, applying foundation to your skin.
‘Why the fuck are you covering that beautiful face with cosmetics’ he said, still kissing your neck. ‘You don’t need it. Your so fucking gorgeous’ he mumbled against your bare skin. You grinned but shook your head.
‘I do’ you said. He stopped kissing and turned you around to face him.
‘Your face is like a radiant beam of sunlight, along with the contrast with your beautiful ember eyes. Your lips are like perfect rosebuds. You are absolutely stunning. Don’t wear this shit. You are beautiful without it’ he said. You pulled him in for a long, meaningful kiss.
‘Wow, your deep’ you said, smiling. He laughed.
‘Not the first time you’ve said that, eh eh?’ He said, nudging you and winking. You recoiled in disgust but laughed and fell straight back into his arms.
‘Well you are pretty fucking good at all that dirty shit’ you said. He nodded and smacked your ass. You didn’t wear any makeup except for foundation and concealer in the end. Y/C/N was still bugging you about it but you couldn’t go anywhere without just a bit. You let your hair down, leaving it natural.
‘See! Your natural side is so beautiful’ he said. You blushed and smiled vaguely.
‘We gotta go get changed so we can get to school’ you said, walking out the bathroom with him.
‘Lets be each other’s stylists today! It’ll be fun!’ You said. He gave in after some pleading from you. You had decided to have some fun with this. You put him in a cute little One Direction tank top and hot pants.
‘Im not fucking wearing this’ he said, looking down at himself.
‘Though I do have a pretty nice ass’ he said, looking behind him. You laughed and picked out your actual choice. It was a plain black T-shirt also with a black leather jacket and dark blue jeans. His choice for you was his own ‘Nirvana’ top, with Kurt Cobain’s face right across it. He also gave you black skinny jeans, a dark red scarf with a matching beanie. You were both pretty happy with your outfits.
‘I can’t believe we trust each other so much that we pick out outfits for each other’ you said.
‘Well let’s just say…I’m pretty happy that you chose this instead of the 1D outfit!’ He said laughing. You laughed too.
‘Come on babe we better get to school’ he said. You walked out the house and got in the car together. He drove to school with you and walked through the school gates.
Everyone turned around to look at you and Y/C/N.
‘Why are they looking at us?’ You said. He looked at you. You just realised no one knew about your relationship yet. They were all very intrigued. A bundle of girls came up to you and started gasping.
‘Whats wrong’ you said. They all looked at Y/C/N.
‘Hi Y/C/N’ they all said, flirtatiously. He smiled and said hello but batted them away and wrapped his arm around your waist.
‘Why are you going out with that slut?! She doesn’t deserve you!’ Said the most popular girl. Y/C/N turned round and gave her an intense death stare.
‘Don’t you dare ever say anything like that to me or Y/N ever again, you got that?!’ He said, his whole body tensing with anger. She made a scared look, her attitude doused in sarcasm.
‘Look back off. Leave us alone, alright?’ he said. She went up to him, looking into his eyes the whole time. She didn’t acknowledge you at all. ‘And what if I don’t? What you gonna do, slap me? If you wanna pay the price of a court case that is’ she said. You stepped forward and slapped her.
‘That won’t need a court case, bitch!’ You said. You grabbed Y/C/N’s hand and ran away, laughing.
‘Y/N, you fucking thrashed her! I didn’t know you had it in you!’ He said, laughing.
‘Well, neither did I’ you said, giving him a cheeky kiss on the lips.
‘2 minutes to the bell babe, we should get going’ he said.
‘I have a better idea’ you said, seductively. He raised his eyebrows as you grabbed him by the collar and pushed him through the girls bathroom door.
‘In here?’ He said. You nodded, biting your lip. He pulled you into a cubicle and started removing your clothes, as you did to him.
‘Oh god, Y/C/N, I want you so bad’ you moaned as he kissed your neck, trailing his fingers up and down your back.
‘Me too’ he said, his hand wandering to your breast.
‘Good, cause I am gonna ride you like a horse’ you said, pushing him down onto the toilet seat and climbing on top of him, letting his erect penis slip inside you. You moved slowly as first but got faster. You loved being in control for once. Y/C/N was always in control, but now it was your turn. Y/C/N started bucking his hips and you were getting close. You could tell he was too. The warm sensation started in your stomach, making you cry out in pleasure. At the moment of your orgasm, Y/C/N also released. You slipped yourself off him and stood up, pulling Y/C/N up with you.
‘You should really be in control more often’ he said, kissing you sweetly.
‘Yes please!’ You said, laughing. You both got your clothes back on and walked to your next class, hand in hand. You just walked through the door to science but the teacher stopped you.
‘Why are you two so late? And why are you both sweating?’ He said. The popular girl that you slapped made a smug look.
‘Sir, we just had to run from the school gates because Y/N had a big dental operation and she wanted me there with her’ Y/C/N said. The teacher crossed his arms.
‘If this operation was so big and scary, why are you in school right now? You should be at home, resting’ he said.
‘Well I just didn’t want to miss a fantastic day of learning!’ You said, smiling, but rubbing your jaw to add effect.
The popular girl stood up.
‘Mr Y/T/N, I know exactly where these two were’ she said, glaring at you. You made an anxious look.
‘They were in the girls bathroom, and from the sounds they were both making, I don’t think they were taking a piss. Well unless pissing causes them extreme pleasure’ she said, laughing. The whole class laughed too.
‘Y/N, Y/C/N, is this true?’ Y/T/N said. You walked out of the class room, humiliated. Y/C/N followed.
‘Im never coming back to this school, ever’ you said.
‘Y/N, you talking crazy! You love this school!’ He said.
‘No Y/C/N, I love you’ you said, tears rolling out of your eyes.
‘I am gonna be branded the school slut for the rest of my days here! I won’t be able to take it!’ I said, pushing my hair back in frustration.
‘Y/N. Look at me. You are a strong, beautiful woman. Those girls are jealous of your beauty. They can’t handle that you are better than them. They are just sad and sick. But you can beat them at anything. Now let’s go back in to that classroom and if anyone says a bad word about you, then I will cut a bitch’ he said. You laughed and nodded.
‘I love you’ he said, kissing you on the lips. He took your hand and walked through the door with you. As soon as you walked through the door, everyone was silent.
‘*cough*slut’ the popular girl said.
‘RIGHT YOU! JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP!’ Y/C/N shouted, pointing his finger at her.
‘Y/C/N! I will not tolerate that language in my classroom!’ Y/T/N said.
‘But you can tolerate her?!’ He screamed.
‘Stop shrieking!’ Y/T/N shouted.
‘You’ Y/C/N looked back at her. ‘You better not ever talk to us ever again because I swear to god, I will fucking sue’ he said.
‘You can’t sue someone for just talking to you’ she said.
‘Believe me I can. My mum is in the police force and my dad is a lawyer. I can fuck up your life so much. So back off’. And for once, she genuinely looked worried and scared. You didn’t like to say it, but it was the best feeling ever.

That was a weird imagine. I hope you liked it anyway!



@(h/t/n): @(y/t/n) You aren’t even pretty or funny. Kys.

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@(h/t/n): @(y/t/n) Doesn’t deserve Calum. She is such a whore. I bet she’s slept with the whole band.

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Anonymous said: Can I have an imagine where Jack is my boyfriend and we live with Finn and his girlfriend but Finn tries to hit on me and Jack gets really mad at him

Yes or course! It’s up on my blog now! Hope you like it!

The girl (or guy in some cases) who requested this was anonymous so I have no name for them. Hope you enjoy anyway!

Today you were moving down to London to go live with your boyfriend Jack, his twin brother Finn and his girlfriend. You had always seen Finn glancing at you in flirtatious ways and you were having second thoughts wether you want ed to move in with him. You were also really good friends with Emma (I think that’s her name) so you didn’t want to hurt her. You were just getting packed when Jack walked in. He wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed your neck.
‘Don’t arouse me, I’m trying to concentrate’ you said. He carried on nevertheless. You quickly turned around.
‘Jack, I love you but I need to get packed’ you said. He shook his head and pushed you down on the bed. You gave in and pulled him towards you for a passionate kiss. You felt something hard press against your inner thigh.
‘Jack? You seem to be getting into this’ you said, biting your lip. You moved your hand down to his hard erection and slowly palmed him. You heard someone clear their throat behind you. You got up quickly to see Finn, smirking.
‘We have to get going soon guys’ he said.
‘Yep, yes of course’ I said, combing my fingers through my semi tangled hair.
‘Better get packed then’ Finn said, walking out. You and Jack got all packed and walked to the van that you hired. The drive to London was long and tiring but you finally got there. Emma came out of the apartment and you ran to her, your arms open. You shared a long hug and briefly caught up. Finn gave her a quick peck on the lips and Jack gave her a small hug.
‘Cant wait for us to be flat mates!’ She said, smiling. You gave her a grin.
‘So exciting!’ You said, going into the apartment. You found yours and Jacks room and set all your bags down. Jack came in shortly after.
‘Ok babe, I might just make a video about our new apartment ok?’ He said.
‘Yeah sure! Go do that’ you said, smiling. He gave you a quick kiss and went into the other room. As soon as Jack went out Finn came in.
‘Hi Finn’ you said, starting to unpack. He closed the door behind him and you looked up.
‘Why did you close the door’ you said.
‘I need to tell you something Y/N’ he said. You nodded.
‘I have deep sexual feelings for you’ he said, getting strait to the point.
‘Um…okay’ you said, pushing your hair off your face.
‘You are extremely hot and sexy and gorgeous. Just everything about you makes me want to…well fuck you against a wall’ he said, getting closer.
‘Finn! You can’t do this! Jack is your brother!’ You said, taking a few steps back. He started to run his fingers through your hair.
‘Look Finn…’ You said, but was cut short by Jack walking in. He stood in the doorway, baffled.
‘I just came in here to get my camera’ he said, quietly, almost a whisper. He looked at Finn, this time with anger and pain.
‘But then I find this?! You know guys, there’s a bed right there. Fucking help yourselves’ he said, about to walk out the door but he turned around again and punched Finn in the face.
‘What the fuck?!’ Finn shouted, punching him back. Emma rushed in and saw Jack and Finn in a full on fight. You two tried pulling your boyfriends off each other but they were too strong for you. Everything became to much.
‘FUCKING CALM DOWN!!!!’ You screamed. This startled them and they stopped.
‘If you two are gonna carry on fucking beating each other up like a couple of school boys then I am gonna walk out of this apartment and never come back. None of you will ever fucking see me again. The only person I’m not fucking furious at is Emma. But you two are really pushing my buttons. Now stop fighting and have a proper man to man conversation to settle this!’ You said, walking out of the room. Emma followed not long after.

Jacks POV

‘Why would you even try to hustle in on my girlfriend?’ I said. I even felt some tears threatening to escape my eyes.
‘Look Jack I’m really sorry. I mean she is incredibly hot…’
‘You are not making this any better for yourself’ I said.
‘Im sorry. I shouldn’t have done it.’ He said.
‘What if I can’t trust you to not do it again’ I said.
‘Well I guess you’ll just have to’ he said. ‘Your my brother Jack. My twin brother. We are supposed to be best mates. I’m so sorry for everything. I love you man’ Finn said. I smiled and hugged him. This was the first proper hug we’d had in ages. We both walked out, feeling totally settled.

General POV

'Sorted out your differences then?' You said. They both nodded.
‘So what was the problem anyway’ Emma asked.

Hope you liked it. I know the ending was stupid but I felt like doing it that way! Send in requests and I promise I will do all but I do have an education to handle but as soon as I get the time I will do them :D xo

A/N - sorry this took so long but here it is!

Y/H/T = your home town

It was now more obvious that you were pregnant and so you and Finn had decided to go tell your parents. Finns parents had already found out from the video but your mother or father didn’t watch YouTube videos. They thought anything to do with computers was a waste of time. You had a feeling they wouldn’t be so thrilled with your pregnancy because they hate the thought of their daughter having anything to do with sex or raising children. You had no idea why they would have doubted you though. You had always been looking after children and were very good with them. They had also only just accepted Finn, because of the age difference. You and Finn got in the car and got ready to drive to Y/H/T.
‘Finn, what did your parents think about my pregnancy?’ You said, as he started up the car. He shrugged.
‘They were cool with it’ he said. You stared at him in disbelief.
‘Well they did give me a bit of stick for it’ he said.
‘Why? What did they say?’
‘They just said things like ‘you have no capability to raise a child’ or ‘you got that 16 year old pregnant?!’ He said. You looked straight ahead.
‘I hope they know I have a name’ you said. Finn looked at you and softly punched your shoulder. He started driving and realised there wasn’t any music in the car.
‘Fuck, I forgot music! A bloody 4 hour drive and we have no fucking music!’ Finn said. You started singing any random tune. He stopped driving just to hear you sing.
‘What was that?’ Finn said.
‘Sorry did you not like it? I can go get the CDs from home quickly’ you said. He shook his head.
‘You keep singing like that and we’ll never need CDs again!’ You giggled and carried on.
‘Ok I want to play a game’ Finn said. You looked at him, worried.
‘Please don’t make me cut off my legs’. He furrowed his eyebrows but then laughed, remembering that we had watched Saw two days ago.
‘No, it’s called jukebox. You sing one song and then when I want a new song you have to sing it straight away, no thinking about it. If you can’t make it go fluidly then it’s my turn. We take it in turns ok?’ Finn said. I smiled and nodded.
‘Ok so Y/N, I want ‘Let Her Go’ by Passenger.
‘Well you only need the light when it’s burning low, only miss the sun…’
‘Midnight Memories’
‘Midnight memories, woah, baby you and me stumbling in the…’
‘Cleaning out my closet’
‘I would never diss my own mama just to get recognition take a second to listen who you think this record is dissing and put your self in my position just try to invison witnessing your mama popping prescription pills in the kitchen’ I rapped, Finn doing swag motions with his hands, making me laugh.
‘Wow your good’ Finn said. ‘I liked the rap, you have a very fast tongue’ Finn said. I smirked and blurted out ‘That’s what she said’. Finn playfully pushed me. Finn had his go but you were getting tired after all that and fell asleep on his shoulder. Finn smiled and kissed the top of your head.

‘Babe, wake up’ you heard a voice say. The noise was vague and quiet. You opened your eyes to see a smiley Finn. You looked around and saw that your parents standing outside their house. You got up and opened the car door. Finn got hold of your hand to help you stand up.
‘Hello love’ your mum said, holding out her arms, giving you a hug. Finn shook your dads hand, not making eye contact. Your mum also gave Finn a hug whilst your dad gave you one.
‘Wow Y/N, have you put on weight? I told you to cut down on the Oreos!’ Your mum said, laughing. You and Finn nervously laughed.
‘Shall me go inside then’ mum said. You all sat down on the sofa together, you and Finn on one and your parents on the one opposite.
‘Would you like a drink of something dear?’ Mum said, standing up. You grabbed hold of her hand and shook your head.
‘We’ve got an announcement to make’ you said, your mum sitting back down.
‘I haven’t eaten a packet of Oreos in 6 months’ you said.
‘The weight gain is all a factor of my pregnancy’ you said. Finn held your hand tight.
‘Your what?’ Your dad said, standing up.
‘Sir, she’s pregnant. I’m really sorry I…’ Finn said, cut short by your dad.
‘No you listen to me you little shit. This is my daughter, my own flesh and blood and soon enough she will have a daughter or a son! Have you ever lifted your head out of your own ass and realised that she is still a child? A child cannot raise another child, it’s irresponsible! I’m counting on you Y/N to get this baby removed’ your dad said, anger flooding his face.
‘Dad no! It’s my life and I’ll do whatever the hell I want with it!’ You said. Your mum decided to have a say in this.
‘Y/N, I hope you realise what a responsibly raising a child is. It’s not all cuddles and kisses. There are a lot of things you need to sort out! You will be getting up at 3 in the morning everyday to change its nappy or to feed it…’
‘But I’m there to help her’ Finn said. ‘Ill always be there for her because she is my everything and I would never make her do something she didn’t want to do. This baby represents our love for each other. We love one another so much that we agreed on bringing a child into this world. Together we will be the best parents a child could wish for. True love is about having trust and respect, getting through problems no matter how hard things get and that’s what I aim to do, what we aim to do’. You could see your mum tear up.
‘Finn you defiantly are one with words’ she said. She turned to you and held your hand tight.
‘Now, you go have this baby’ she said, smiling.
‘Thank you so much mum’ you said, hugging her. You looked over to your dad. He was totally emotionless.
‘Dad?’ You said. He walked over to you.
‘Im trusting you to give this baby the best possible life’ he said. ‘And I believe you can do it’.
‘Thank you dad’ you said, hugging him. Tears rolled down your cheeks but you wiped them away.
‘I love you guys so much’ you said.
‘Thank you for everything mr and mrs Y/L/N’ Finn said.
‘You better be off now’ mum said. ‘Its getting late’. You nodded and said goodbye, as did Finn.
As you got in the car, Finn gave you a kiss on the cheek.
‘We can do this babe’.

You were overjoyed that day you got a phone call from The Vamps’ manager, saying you were an extra for the music vid to “Can We Dance”! The second you found out you had started to plan out your hair and makeup for the day! It wasn’t like your were getting ready for a wedding but you had to look good! I mean it’s The Vamps for goodness sake! The day had finally come when you had to shoot the video! You were out to impress Brad. He was the cute, brunette and curly haired one with gorgeous, deep brown eyes. You thought about him all the time. He was heavenly. You couldn’t daydream for too long though because your friend was waiting outside your house, ready to pick you up. She had also been picked to be in the vid! You drove to the studio and got changed into your set outfits. Yours was a flattering red dress, that would really show off your curves. You also had to wear mega high heels, which you were scared about since they were about 10 inches high and you didn’t wanna make a fool of yourself in front of Brad. Just as you were getting into your heels you heard a lot of hissing and whispering and then a body hit against your back, making you tumble to the ground.
“I’m so sorry” you heard a familiar voice say. You looked up to see Brad, holding out his hand. You grabbed it and helped yourself up.
“I-it’s alright” you stuttered, mesmerised by his presence. He laughed. You saw the rest of the guys from the group behind him, smirking. You smiled at them but Brad broke the silence before you could say anything to them.
“You have nice hair!” He said, twiddling the end strands with his fingers. You almost forgot to breath at that moment.
“Vice versa” you said, laughing. He edged closer to you.
“Your name?” He asked.
“Emily” you replied.
“I can’t believe I’m saying this, I mean having only just met you but…I am really turned on by you” he whispered in your ear. You couldn’t believe what he was saying.
“You have this…amazing body and words can’t even explain what I want to do to you right now” he added.
“But I know how I’m gonna get the message across”. The rest of the band watched him in awe as he took you too a random room in the studio.
He looked around the room.
“I have a feeling we aren’t completely alone in here” he said, looking at a CCTV camera. You giggled and noticed a large wardrobe.
“Brad…how about in there?” You said, pointing to it. He smirked and pulled you over to the closet. It was completely dark and you couldn’t see a thing but that didn’t stop Brad from somehow finding his way to your lips. Your hands slipped around his neck and his moving down to your ass. You and Brad has just began an intense make out session.
“Let’s just go second base for now?” You said. He nodded and kissed your collarbone. He began removing your red dress as you took off his shirt and trousers (pants) until you were both left in your underwear. He began to touch you in a way that made you squirm and shiver. You were too lost in everything to hear any kind of footsteps going on outside until the wardrobe door burst open. You and Brad just awkwardly stood there, feeling massively exposed and embarrassed. Standing at the door was Connor, James, Tristan and Y/F/N. You hid your self with a long dress from the closet as soon as you saw the boys.
“Don’t be embarrassed about that smokin hot bod” James said, smirking.
“Fuck off” Brad said, getting protective. James laughed, knowing he was just kidding when he got like that. I quickly slipped my dress back on and stepped out the wardrobe. Brad also threw on his clothes and came up behind me, wrapping his arm around my waist.
“See you at my place tonight yeah?” He whispered in your ear.

Haha I know it’s bad! I hope you liked it Emily. And also I know it took soooo long to do but I really got caught up!!! Any other requests from anyone just send ‘em in!!! xx

Imagine Jack trying to tell you that he likes you, but he ends up saying this instead.

Anonymous said: JACK IMAGINE PLS

Yeah sure! K here it goes. Sorry if its kinda suckish.

You had never had a proper boyfriend before and when Jack came along you were sure he was gonna be the one, but you had just grown to be very good friends. One day you called him up to see if he wanted to hang out.

*On the phone*

'Hey Jack!' you said, cheerfully.

'Hi' he said, his voice sounding kind of nervous and shaky.

'What's wrong'

'Nothing…'. There was a short pause. 'Its just that, I need to ask you a question…and its quite important'.

'Ok! What's that then?' You asked.

'Um…well you know we have been friends for a long time now' he said.

'Mhm' You said, as if to say 'go on'.

'Well did you wanna maybe t-take it up to…the next step…as in shall we become a couple. Well would you be my girlfriend?' Jack whispered, his voice going wobbly. This was the question you had longed to be asked by him for ages now, yet you couldn't let even one word slip out other than 'um'.

'Sorry, that was a stupid thing to ask. I shouldn't of done it. Sorry Y/N' he said, about to hang up but you stopped him.

'Wait! No I do! I have been waiting for so long to hear that from you' you said, almost tearing up.

'You have no idea' Jack said…

Sorry it was kinda bad! I will make other Jack imagines in the future though!

walicia03012 said: Are you going to make a young and scared part 4?

Yep! It’s up now! Hope you like it!!!

Anonymous said: Can I have a ship please? I am outgoing, nerdy (as in clever, get good grades, not as in antisocial) wierd, energetic and I play football (soccer) on elite level. I speak british english, but live in Denmark and I love spending time playing football and talking with my friends. I am very socially akward, and therefore a lot of people hate me, but fortunately at least as many people like me, because of my qirkyness. Oh and my name is Sofie and I really like your blog

Yeah sure I can do that! I’m not really sure which kind of category you wanted…but I’m just gonna do youtubers! I hope that’s ok! Message me again if you wanted something different!

I would ship you with either PewDiePie or Danisnotonfire. Their personalities seem quite like yours. They’re both pretty socially awkward like you said you were! They’re both really quirky and funny and I think you would be perf with either one of them! Hope that’s what you were looking for!!