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"Luke", you giggled crawling towards him on the couch. He completely ignored you keeping his eyes glued to the TV. "Really?", you said plopping back down. Not a word. Eyes still on the TV. "Well i’m glad you find the TV more interesting than me", you said getting up. 

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The interviewer looks at you, as you’re softly sipping on your mug. “I did date [your celebrity crush], yes.” you smile. “This was before the massive hectic he has now. I could still walk on the street with him, and I was liked as a girlfriend.” “So why did you break up if I may ask?” “Sure you…

Anonymous said: SMUT PART 2!! You're really good at writing

Thank you! Is that the latest Nash one you want a part 2 to or a different one?

nashshamilton-deactivated201406 said: Your Nash Grier Imagine SMUT was absolutely hilarious!

Haha thank you 😉☺️

'Y/N, let's do something fun!!' Nash shrieked, flinging his hands up in the air. You looked up from your Maths revision. Classical music was playing through the speakers for concentration.
‘Nash, your parents and brother AND sister are at home right now and as I already know what kind of fun you have in your mind, we can’t risk it. And I have exams to study for’ you said, keeping your head down. He sighed, then crouched his head down to see your face.
‘Why are you being miserable?’ He said, sounding a bit worried. You looked up and held his hand, squeezing it gently.
‘Sorry Nash, I’m just stressed out. All this revision! It’s driving me nuts! Maybe a few hours of fun could sort out my stress levels’ you said, smiling at him. Nash smiled back and held your face in one hand, kissing you sweetly. The kisses slowly evolved. You climbed on top of him, falling onto the bed behind you. You started working your tongue in and out of his mouth, making you both moan simultaneously. Nash began to fiddle with the buttons on your shirt. You stopped him.
‘Nash, your parents are downstairs! And god help us if your younger brother and/or sister walk in!’ You whispered. He laughed.
‘Just trust me on this baby’ he whispered, kissing your neck gently, slowly sucking on it from time to time. You softly moaned. His lips slowly moved back up to yours and he finished with your shirt buttons. He slipped off your jeans as soon as he finished with your shirt. You tugged at his top, signalling for him to take it off. He did so and removed his trousers/pants while he was at it. His hands started to explore your body, exploring places that he had been wanting to explore since the moment you got here. You moaned as he slipped his hand into your panties, slowly slipping his fingers in and out of your vagina. You grasped the sheets of the bed as he curled his fingers, hitting your g spot. It took all you had inside to not scream, but you managed to just let out a loud whimper. He carried on, not stopping for mercy.
‘Please’ you begged.
‘It doesn’t matter how much I want to scream out your name, because I can’t’ you said, struggling to say each word perfectly. Nash smirked.
‘Go on babe. Say it’ he said. You bit your lip.
‘Nash’ you quietly whimpered.
‘Louder’ he said, pumping his fingers faster.
‘Nash!’ You said, a tad louder. He suddenly curled his fingers, hitting your g spot once more.
‘FUCK NASH!’ You screamed, not even caring if anyone heard. Hayes galloped into the room, holding a phone. ‘Oh Nash, Y/N…’ He warbled, supposedly making a vine.
‘HOLY SHIT!’ Hayes cried. You jumped and scrambled under the covers. Nash threw a pillow at him.
‘Oh my god! Get out!’ Nash yelled.
‘Oh come on man, let me watch!’ Hayes laughed. Nash stood up and pushed him outta the room. Hayes tumbled to the ground and ran downstairs. Skylyyn followed shortly after Hayes disappeared.
‘Hellooo?’ She whispered. Nash cringed under the covers.
‘Hello Skylyyn’ you said, smiling but cringing slightly inside.
‘What was that? That loud scream coming from in here. I saw Hayes run downstairs and tell Mum something or rather’ she said. You looked at Nash anxiously.
‘Skylyyn baby, can you just leave the room for a moment’ Nash said. She nodded and left. You two threw your clothes on in hurry and ran downstairs, to see Hayes grinning and Nash’s mum standing next to him, arms crossed.
‘Nash, explain yourself’ she said, not looking impressed. Nash pounced at Hayes.
‘You dickhead! Why did you…’ He shouted. His mum pulled him off Hayes.
‘No need to get nasty Nash!’ She huffed.
‘Now, Hayes. Explain to me exactly what you saw Nash doing to Y/N’ she said. He smirked.
‘Well, his hand was submerged deep into her panties’ he said.
‘Is that all?’ She said. ‘Second base sexual experimentation is a part of teenage life! At lease you’ve only ever gone that far, right’ she said. You and Nash exchanged looks.
‘Right?’ She repeated.
‘Mum, I really would like you to not get involved in my sex life, please?’ Nash said, his face screwed up. He took your hand.
‘Sorry for the inconvenience’ you said. She looked surprised.
‘Its alright honey’ she said. Nash laughed.
‘I have never heard you say that word before. You high?’ He laughed.
‘Shut up you knob jockey’ you said.

‘Oh and Nash’ Hayes shouted after Nash. He turned around. ‘Be sure to check my vine profile tonight’ Hayes said, winking.

So this is my first Magcon imagine! Tell me if you want me to make imagines for the other magcon boys!! Hope you enjoyed!

(Inspired by “Inappropriate Megaphoning”)

*video starts*
‘Hello! And I’m here with my beautiful girlfriend Y/N! Or commonly known by the means of the internet, Y/Y/T/N! Say hi babe’ Jack said.
‘Hi guys!’ You said.
‘So babe, are you gonna tell the subscribers about what we are doing today?’ He said.
‘Yes! Well we are just gonna cruise around in jacks automobile with a mega phone on the roof showering people with compliments’ you said. Jack suddenly started laughing.
‘Whats so funny?’ You said.
‘Who was the last person that said automobile, holy Jesus’ he laughed.
‘Justin Bieber’ you said, keeping a strait face.
‘Touché’ he said, his laughter stopping when he said this.
‘So anyway, yeah we’re gonna start now’ he said.
*next cut*
The sound of Nirvana blared out of the car speakers as Jack screamed ‘CRANK UP THE VOLUME!!’ In a high pitched voice.
‘Jack, it’s already loud as shit, oh my fucking god!’ You said, laughing.
‘I like your hair’ Jack spoke through the megaphone to a man who had half black half pink hair.
‘Who’s your stylist, Avril fucking Lavigne?!’ You shouted through the monitor. Jack gasped.
‘Your so fucking rude!’ Jack laughed.
‘My speciality’ you replied. You then passed a woman with a baby. You took the monitor.
‘Be nice’ Jack said. You laughed.
‘Your baby might be the cutest gremlin I’ve ever seen’ you said. The woman looked offended. Jack playfully slapped your arm.
‘You can’t fucking say that! Jesus Christ!’ Jack laughed. You passed a little boy on a Ben 10 scooter.
‘Your scooter is amazing bro!’ Jack said through the monitor.
‘Thanks!’ He shouted back, his little face lighting up.
‘Aw Jack, you made him smile!’ You said, holding your chest in sensitivity. Jack laughed.
‘Aw! I made his day right there. I’m just a great person unlike you!’ Jack said.
‘What?! I’m a lovely person!’ You laughed.
‘What, calling women’s babies gremlins is lovely?’ He said.
‘Yes’ you replied. You passed a group of teenage boys on skateboards.
‘Watch out, here come the cool gang’ you spoke through the monitor. Jack laughed again.
‘Thats not a compliment! That’s just purely taking the mick!’ He said.
‘Oh come on, I couldn’t not say that!’ You laughed. Soon after, you saw flashing lights behind you.
‘Oh crap, it’s the fuzz’ you said, impersonating Eugene Levy. Jack almost crashed cause he was in hysterics. American Pie references always cracked him up. You winded down the window and did a little head nod.
‘Sup’ you said, with a strait face. Jack sniggered.
‘You think this is funny do you?’ The policeman said to both of you.
Jack shook his head, still smirking though.
‘Will you both step out of the car please?’ He said. You opened the door and stepped out, as did Jack. The policeman took your wrist.
‘Are you gonna make her bend over the car like they do in the movies?’ Jack said. ‘Cause I’ll pay you’ he said. You laughed and playfully slapped him. The policeman glared at him and roughly let go of you, almost pushing you down.
‘Hey! Be careful with her you dick!’ Jack bravely said.
‘I would advise you to shut up’ the policeman said, drawing his lips away from his teeth in a snarl.
‘I would advise you to sit on my face, fucker’ Jack shouted. People were turning around and staring. One elderly woman loudly gasped.
‘Oh, how rude!’ She exclaimed. You giggled at his comment.
‘I’m this close to arresting both of you’ the policeman said, fuming.
‘Take me now. My body is ready’ Jack said, propping his leg up sexily on the car and biting his lip. You couldn’t stop your laughs. They just came streaming out.
‘Right, that’s it. Both of you get in the car’ he said. Jack took your hand and led you back to your own car.
‘Where the hell do you think your going?’ The policeman yelled. Jack scoffed.
‘I’m David Cameron, bitch’ he said, casually getting into the car and zooming off. You were both in hysterics.
*next cut* *your now back in Jacks room*
‘So were now wanted criminals!’ You said, looking at Jack and laughing. He grinned.
‘Yep, that’s very true babe’ he said.
‘So will we be doing another video together anytime soon’ you said.
‘Definitely’ Jack said, smirking.
‘Im thinking sex tape’ he said, wiggling his eyebrows. You laughed at his cheekiness.
‘Lets do it’ you said, putting your hand over the lens, ending the video.

Hope y’all liked that! I know I enjoyed writing it! Leave requests if you want!!!

silenceisenemynumber1 said: Do you know what video is the gif of Jack saying Hey baby….fuck me from??

Im sorry I have no idea I hate myself for not knowing but I looked it up on google and I couldnt find anything! Only fan fictions! Im really sorry :( but don’t fret! Jackharriesexy just told me it was from the video with dailygrace and mamrie hart. Just look up JacksGap dailygrace and Mamrie hart in one search on you tube should come up! Thank you jackharriesexy :)


So, I’m not gonna post another part of Kidnapped by Jason McCann tonight :( Instead, I’ll post tomorrow a longer part :P Sorry :/ love ya <3